Our staff are committed to promoting sustainability, environmental protection and social and cultural inclusion, both within their professional and personal lives. At ISOTECH, we are very proud when members of our team are awarded for their efforts and contributions, and this is where we showcase them.

2016 Stelios Bi-Communal Award

in October 2016, ISOTECH’s Director, Xenia Loizidou, received the Stelios Bi-Communal Award 2016, for her collaboration with Serdar Atai on the marine environment and for promoting marine litter as a peacebuilding tool in Cyprus. Xenia and Serdar work together for peace, for the future of our children and for a better Cyprus!

The number of contender bi-communal teams for the awards reached 215, of which 50 teams were selected to receive the award. The awards ceremony took place at Chateau Status, in the presence of the president of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nicos Anastasiades.

2016 Iconic Women in Business Contributing to a Better World Award

On 17 May 2016, ISOTECH’s Director Xenia Loizidou, received the “Iconic Women in business contributing to a better world” Award during the Women Economic Forum, in New Delhi, India. At an amazing ceremony, Xenia spoke about the importance of cooperation, of measuring business sustainability along 3 axes (economy, environment, society) rather than just monetary performance, and on the importance of peace and stability. 


2015 ELSEVIER Green and Sustainable Chemistry Contest

 Dr Loizides’s idea for “Tiganokinisi”, an innovative project that focuses on the education of youth about the need for recycling, reuse and sustainability through the collection of used cooking oil at schools and its conversion into biofuel, was shortlisted in ELSEVIER’s 2015 Green and Sustainable Chemistry contest (ranked in the top 61 proposals out of 495 eligible nominations).

2015 Cyprus Green Party Environmental Awards

ISOTECH’s Chairman, Dr Loizides, received an the environmental award for the contribution of its project ‘Tiganokinisi’ to the protection of the environment, through the recycling of used cooking oil and the simultaneous environmental education in schools.

2012 Green Dot Environmental Award

Awarded to AKTI Project and Research Centre, of which Mr Loizides is Director, for the NGO with the most important contribution to the protection of the Cypriot environment.

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