ISOTECH services are provided both to public and private sectors.

We provide consultancy services to Ministries, Governmental Departments, semi Governmental Organizations and Local Authorities in Cyprus, on issues related to environmental policy and strategies, environmental technologies, solutions to problems related to the environment, environmental management systems, community annoyance, coastal zone management issues, coastal erosion and issues related to our knowhow included in the entire spectrum of the services we provide.

We consult enterprises of the private sector as well as Civil Society Organizations and NGOs in Cyprus and abroad.

We work closely with Universities and Research Institutes and we cooperate through projects with International Organizations such as UNDP, USAid, and the European Commission.

Our cooperative work involves partnerships with private enterprises, pubic sector, Local Authorities, Universities, Research Institutes and NGOs in several countries.

Our reputation for high quality work, sound advice and practical solutions is built on more than 15 years of international experience.