Since 1991, ISOTECH Ltd Environmental Research and Consultancy has evolved into one of the leading environmental companies in Cyprus. The firm has a dynamic involvement in environmental consulting and applied environmental research.

Applied Environmental Research Department

ISOTECH ltd is a research SME, with 15 experience in environmental applied research, coastal and marine dynamics, decision support. Read more here.

Environmental Engineering Department

Engineering solutions to environmental problems. Read more here.

Coastal Engineering/Marine Dynamics Department

Engineering solutions and implementable structures in coastal and marine dynamic environments. Read more here.

Projects and Programs Management Department

20 years of experience in managing local and internationally funded projects. Read more here.


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“Χωρίς τελειωμό η καταστροφή των ακτών μας”

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  Δεν ξέρω τι πρέπει να γίνει για να καταλάβουμε πόσο έχουμε ασελγήσει επί των ακτών μας. Αυτός ο πολύτιμος φυσικός μας πόρος βρίσκεται σε…