Marine strategy framework directive: Defining joint monitoring opportunities for the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, through dedicated decision making workshops and innovative policy tools

An article authored by ISOTECH staff, on the decisions taken regarding the MSFD joint monitoring in two regional workshops implementing the DeCyDe-4 methodology, has been published in Marine Policy.


The Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) is an important milestone for the preservation of the European marine environment. However, Member States can find its monitoring requirements challenging, particularly where it regards the definition and implementation of joint monitoring programmes between neighbouring countries. The challenges are even greater in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, where many countries are not members of the European Union and where Regional Sea Conventions face greater difficulties in coordinating monitoring activities. This paper presents the results from two regional workshops, within the framework of IRIS-SES project, which aimed to inform policy- and decision-makers in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea on what key stakeholders, including scientists, academia and local authorities, consider the main gaps, needs and opportunities for the MSFD joint monitoring regarding eutrophication and contaminants. It shows that a bottom-up approach,guided by structured workshops, can be a successful means of enhancing cooperation.

You can read the full article here