Marine Litter Database developed by ISOTECH’s Chairman and Director named ‘Tool of the Month’!

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Marine Litter is an issue of global concern, and one which ISOTECH is working to address. ISOTECH’s experience in this area showed that a vast number of organisations undertake coastal and sea cleanups as part of their awareness-raising activities. However, their cleanup data are often not reported anywhere. This led ISOTECH’s Chairman Mr Michael I. Loizides and ISOTECH’s Director Ms Xenia I. Loizidou to develop an online interactive database which aims to record all these data, to present them in a user-friendly manner and to make them readily accessible to anyone interested in using them for research and reporting purposes. After all, understanding the problem of marine litter is the first step to finding ways to address it.

The Marine Litter Database that has been developed has been adopted and is being adapted by the MarLitCy project, and it has been shared extensively. It has now been named by the Mare Nostrum Network of NGOs as the Tool of the Month!

MLDatabase_tool of the month_MNN