Successful Completion of the 1st DeCyDe-4-Biodiversity Workshop

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Last Wednesday, 28 January 2015, ISOTECH Ltd, together with the Department of Environment and Frederick University, implemented the first DeCyDe-4-Biodiversity workshop at the Cleopatra Hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus. ISOTECH’s DeCyDe-4 method and tool was selected as the most appropriate method to evaluate and rank the measures outlined in the Strategy for the Biodiversity of Cyprus, in order to select those that should be implemented with a higher priority. ISOTECH developed the tool and acted as facilitator at the workshop.

This first workshop was attended by representatives from governmental departments, academia and civil society in Cyprus, who, split in four groups, evaluated the measures using their expertise and a predefined list of criteria, resulting in a prioritised list of measures to protect the island’s biodiversity. A second workshop, to be organised in the coming weeks, will bring together heads of governmental departments¬†to agree on a finalised list.