Xenia Loizidou in the Management Committee of the European Research Network on Marine Renewable Energy

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ISOTECH’s Director and Co-founded has been elected in the five-member Management Committee of the European Research Network WECANet. WECANet is made up of 124 universities and research organisation from around Europe, who will work together to coordinate research priorities and actions within the very promising marine renewable energy sector.

Ms Loizidou’s tasks as an elected member of the Committee include, inter alia, the promotion of science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM), marine dynamics and renewable energy to Europe’s youth and especially young women. This is a particularly pressing issue for Europe, not only because of the continuous strive to minimise the use of unsustainable energy sources, but also because of the urgent need to promote STEM among youth, as Europe (and especially Cyprus) is lagging behind other countries in this area.