Environmental protection is at the core of ISOTECH’s philosophy, and we strive towards the continuous reduction of our environmental footprint. Recognising the importance of providing our customers and collaborators with verifiable means of our environmental commitment, we have undertaken the implementation of two independently certified Environmental Management Systems: ISO 14001:2015 and Green Office.

ISOTECH’s Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy outlines the company’s continuing commitment to strive towards sustainability in all its operations. In fact, steady improvement is noticed year after year across the board. All the environmental  goals that we had set for 2002 were achieved. In 2023, we are challenging ourselves to further reduced our per capita energy consumption by 3%, our per capita water consumption by 2%, our paper consumption by 5.8%, and our per capita residual waste production by 2%.

Certified ISO 14001:2015 Auditor

ISOTECH’s Head of Applied Environmental Research, Demetra Orthodoxou, has been certified by STAREGISTER as an ISO 14001:2015 auditor. ISOTECH, itself ISO 14001:2015 certified, provides guidance and implements principles of environmental management in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard in all its projects and operations.


ISO 14001:2015

ISOTECH Ltd was one of the first companies in Cyprus to be certified as per the new ISO 14001:2015 standard for its environmental research and consulting work. ISOTECH’s ISO14001:2015 certification relates to the following scope:

  • – Applied environmental research
  • – Provision of environmental consultancy services
  • – Project and program management
  • – Integrated coastal zone management

Below are copies of ISOTECH’s most recent ISO 14001:2015 certificates:

IQNET CYS EN ISO 14001_2015 (19.09.2022) (ID 263862)

CYS EN ISO 14001_2015 (19.09.2022) – Αγγλικά (ID 263864)

ISOTECH was first certified as per ISO 14001:2004 in 2014. Dr Michael I. Loizides, ISOTECH’s Director, received the Certificate from the Minister of Finance Mr Haris Georgiades, during a special event on “Quality” that was organized by the CYS and the Cyprus Certificate Office, in Nicosia, on the 24th of November 2014.

Dr Michael I. Loizides receives ISOTECH's certificate from the Minister of Finance

Dr Michael I. Loizides receives ISOTECH’s certificate from the Minister of Finance


Green Office

ISOTECH became one of the first companies in Cyprus to be awarded the Green Office certification by the Cypriot certifying body, CYMEPA, in November 2016, and continues to maintain that certification today. The Green Office award certifies that ISOTECH’s office meets strict environmental conditions relating to resource consumption, waste production and management and environmental awareness-raising.

You can find a copy of our most recent certificate here.

Michael I. Loizides and Xenia I. Loizidou, ISOTECH's Chairman and Director, receive the Green Office award from CYMEPA's Secretary General, Michael Ierides.

Michael I. Loizides and Xenia I. Loizidou, ISOTECH’s Chairman and Director, receive the Green Office award from CYMEPA’s Secretary General, Michael Ierides.

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