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Project Information

DeCyDe-4 is an adaptable, site- and case-specific decision-support method developed by ISOTECH Ltd to assist policy- and decision-makers to make informed and justifiable decisions on issues relating to sustainable development. It was created in response to a real need to provide decision-makers with a tool that would minimise bias and arbitrariness in the way decisions are taken by public officials, particularly when it regards issues where they lack knowledge and expertise.

DeCyDe-4 is a practical method that can be implemented to give a “number” to a problem or an issue, i.e. to have a measure, to understand the size or the scale of a state/condition, especially in cases where everything is subjective or difficult to quantify.

Project Specification

Launched: 2000


The DeCyDe-4 method has been adapted and used in various European and national projects, including in:

– DeCyDe-4-Biodiversity

– DeCyDe-4- Sustainability

– DeCyDe-4-IRIS


– DeCyDe-4-Waste

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Stakeholder Views:

The video below presents the views of stakeholders who participate in DeCyDe-4 workshops: