Awareness Raising

We know that raising awareness, not only about the need to preserve and protect our environment, but also about actions that individuals can take to do so, is paramount to ensuring that everyone does their bit for our planet. In this respect, ISOTECH participates, and often organises, awareness-raising events, either focusing on specific issues of targeting a specific audience.

For 14 years (2000 – 2014), our senior experts had a weekly one hour radio show, free of charge, promoting environment and sustainable development. More than 650 hours of radio show have been produced and transmitted through the national radio ASTRA. Most of them have been webcasted.

For 5 years (2010 – 2015) our senior experts were responsible to write a whole page at POLITIS national wide newspaper, once a week on environment and quality of life. 200 articles have been published with significant public outreach. Some of them became questions in discussions in Parliamentary Committees. All the articles can be found in on the Publications section of our website.