Demetra Orthodoxou

Biochemist/ Environmental Engineer

Demetra Orthodoxou is a Biochemist (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA) with an MSc in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College London. She heads ISOTECH’s Department of Applied Environmental Research. Since joining ISOTECH, Demetra has managed several projects dealing with waste management, including the FP7 ‘Science in Society’ project MARLISCO. She has also gained significant experience with decision support systems and methods, working closely with Isotech colleagues to implement the DeCyDe-4 method for the evaluation of best practices for the reduction of marine litter (MARLISCO project), the ranking of measures for the protection of the Cypriot Biodiversity (DeCyDe-4-Biodiversity project) and the recording of gaps and needs for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive’s joint monitoring (IRIS-SES project). While at ISOTECH, Demetra has also worked on the development of Construction Environmental Monitoring Plans (CEMP).

Prior to joining ISOTECH, Demetra worked for three years as a Higher Scientific Officer at Defra’€™s Waste Evidence Branch, where she was responsible for commissioning and managing evidence projects in the field of waste and sustainable consumption to help inform England’€™s waste policy. While at Defra she worked on projects covering composting (including the composting of food waste), anaerobic digestion, emissions and greenhouse gases, resource security (critical materials) and others.

Personal contact: project [at] isotech [dot] com [dot] cy