Environment and Sustainability

The environment and sustainability are two areas we are experts in. We care about the protection of our environment, both local and global. Whatever we do in ISOTECH, environment and sustainability are always in our mind.

In office and premises: Beyond the certification’s requirements, we have implemented a separation at source recycling scheme in our office, which includes paper, plastic, metal, PMD, batteries, toners and organic waste (which we compost). We incorporated energy efficient lamps, limited printing to strictly necessary documents and enforced mandatory 2-sided printing for all printed documents. In 2015, we began the process of becoming a paper-free office!

Our staff is encouraged to compost all their domestic organic wastes and recycle their used cooking oils, supporting the project TIGANOKINISI of the NGO AKTI.

Our Chairman Dr Michael Loizides developed the “ALAKADI” wooden composter, an innovative composter suitable for the dry and hot conditions of Cyprus. Dr Loizides offered his invention to the NGO AKTI.

Our Director Xenia Loizidou transformed her home garden into a pilot garden to demonstrate home composting and composting of organic garden wastes. Her garden is open to public, groups of people who want to see that composting can be done in Cyprus (!). The demonstration is coupled with training on how to compost!