Coastal Museum

Location: Coastal Museum (Kystcentret)

Dates: 27 May  – 25 June 2014

Description: The exhibition moved up the coast to the fishing village of Thyborøn. Thyborøn is a traditional Danish fishing village and relies greatly on the sea for its wealth (population 2.119). The area attracts many tourists because of special attractions such as the coastal museum. The museum has 27.000 guests per year and during the period that the exhibition was there there were about 3.500 guests. There are many families and seniors that visit the centre, as well as school classes and other groups. We invited a school class who had participated in the MARLISCO video contest and the mayor. The exhibition was announced in local press, the municipal webpage as well as a poster campaign. The exhibition was placed where visitors also had a view of the North Sea. From the survey responses and interviews with staff, there were the visitors of all ages, with many children and families visiting the centre.

Photographs from site:

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