North Sea Oceanarium

Location: North Sea Oceanarium (Nørsøen Oceanarium)

Dates: 8 – 31 July 2014 and 31 March 2014 – Summer 2015

Description: A visit to the top of Denmark was the next location. The North Sea Oceanarium is one of the top attractions of northern Denmark with 165.000 visitors in 2014. It hosts one of northern Europe’s largest aquariums. Hirtshals (population 5.959) is also a main fishing village on the coast of Denmark with much North Sea Traffic and ferries to Norway. The exhibition was announced in local press, the municipal webpage as well as a poster campaign and through the Oceanariums own PR. The exhibition was placed in a corridor on the way from the entrance to the main aquarium with great exposure to visitors. Statistics show that there were 29.417 visitors while the exhibition was showing. 1/3 of the visitors were children from the ages of 3-11. The MARLISCO exhibition was such a success here that they were eager to have it back.

The Oceanarium welcomed the MARLISCO exhibition once again just before Easter. They are very interested in involving local schools and teaching about issues affecting the seas with a focus on pollution. Schools will be invited to visit the Oceanarium and the MARLISCO exhibition will be a part of the learning experience. With about 30.000 national and international visitors per month and direct exposure to local school classes MARLISCO information will reach a significant number of people towards the end of the project and beyond May 2015.

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