Living Coasts Zoo and Aquarium

Location: Living Coasts Zoo and Aquarium, Torquay Harbourside

Dates: 15 August 2014 – 5 February 2015

Description: The exhibition then washed up at Living Coasts Zoo and Aquarium in Devon.  It showcased all the collaborations with local artists and beach cleaning groups that we have made along the way.  The exhibition was arranged as a trail around the Aquarium that visitors followed to find out more about the issue as they walked around the displays.  The staff were committed to sustainability issues and integrated marine litter and all aspects of the exhibition into their educational tours for school groups.  It was particularly poignant that the information about the negative impacts of marine litter could be related to the marine wildlife living at the aquarium, especially the seals, turtles and birds. There are over 100,000 visitors to Living Coasts Aquarium each year and so we expect over 50,000 people, particularly families and tourists, saw the exhibition over the 6 month period it was open.

Photographs from site:

The exhibition at Living Coasts Aquarium, featuring the Super-M-Art installation, and local artwork

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