Onca Gallery

Location: Onca Gallery, Brighton

Dates: 14 November 2014 – 26 December 2013

Description: The first UK MARLISCO exhibition ran in collaboration with an art installation organised by the ONCA Gallery in the coastal town of Brighton (in the South East of England). We had the opportunity to combine the MARLISCO exhibition with a unique artistic installation about plastic in the marine environment organised by artists Lou McCurdy and Chloe Hanks (collectively known as Dirty Beach), and the ONCA Gallery staff.  Their installation was designed to mimic a supermarket, with the shelves stocked with plastic products that have been collected from Brighton and Hove’s beach, sorted and rebranded.  The exhibition received local press coverage, attracted around 100 people on the opening night, and continued to engage many ‘shoppers’, particularly the general public, artists and school groups.  We estimate around 500 people visited the exhibition, and even more participated in wrap around events organised by Dirty Beach, including a rubbish themed film night, an evening of debate and expert talks about waste, and a marine litter beach party.

Photographs from site:

A selection of the items of marine litter on show at the exhibition in the Super-M-Art installation at the Onca Gallery, Brighton, including milk bottles, water bottles, fizzy drinks bottles, sandwich packaging, toothbrushes, and shoes.

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