Mount Edgcumbe Country House and Country Park

Location: Mount Edgcumbe Country House and Country Park, Cornwall

Dates: 12 July 2014 – 13 August 2014

Description: The next stop was in the South West of England at Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park, on the coast of Cornwall.  The venue was a lovely large space which allowed us to maximise our collaboration with the artists Lou McCurdy and Chloe Hanks and work closely with local artists and beach cleaning groups in the South West of England, including Rame Peninsula Beach Care Group.  These collaborations meant that the artwork displayed at the UK exhibitions was all made from marine litter collected by local volunteer groups.  This engaged the community from the outset and gave the exhibition a local significance and much media attention in the local papers and radio.  We organised additional hands-on activities and ‘Ocean Warrior Events’, including:  weaving with old fishing ropes, nets and marine litter; arts and crafts workshops making mosaics and other pictures and sculptures from marine litter which then were displayed at the exhibition; science workshops using microscopes to examine microplastics and plankton samples from local waters;  and a ‘litter fun day launch’.  We estimate that 2000-3000 people visited the exhibition over the month in was open (there were at least 50 visitors to the exhibition on weekdays, over 100 at weekends, and many more on days when we ran interactive arts and crafts and science activities).

Photographs from site:

The exhibition at Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park, featuring the Super-M-Art installation, local artwork, and hands-on arts and crats and science activities.

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