From September 2014 and until September 2015 the Slovenian MARLISCO Exhibition travelled to elevenlocations. The MARLISCO partner responsible for it is the Regional Development Centre Koper (RDC Koper).  The Exhibition was on constant display, i.e. time-outs were only for those days when it was moved from one location to another. Feedback from visitors was very positive, so there are plans to continue exhibiting it past the end of the project.

The Exhibition was upgraded with beautiful items from waste material made by a young creator, Metka Šori, who showed how to reuse waste and turn it into original items for everyday use. On one side of the exhibition, one could learn about the current state of marine litter and on the other side of it  original reusable items that were created from most common waste (plastic bottles, glass, tyres) could be seen. The exhibition was setup to encourage a strong change regarding waste management. When one wants to reuse waste, it needs to be cleaned and properly stored and then turned into new useful objects. These useful items consequently decrease the necessity to buy new things and reduce the creation of new waste.

One of the main messages of the exhibition was that litter can present valuable raw material for creating new items! As also opportunities for new jobs and creative entrepreneurs.

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