Neo Faliro Beach

Location: Neo Faliro Beach @ Attika – MARLISCO Exhibition joins an ICC cleanup day

Dates: 20 September 2014

Description: The MARLISCO Exhibition was displayed in a cleanup organised within the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day 2014. The ICC is the largest annual global volunteer effort to remove and record litter on the coastal and marine environment, bringing hundreds of thousands of people from around 100 countries. The cleanup took place on 20/09/2014 on a heavily littered beach near the SEF Stadium (Neo Faliro) in Athens, with the participation of a group of 40 high-school students and their teachers, as well as the local beach goers, around 100 people in total. The volunteers collected 84 bags of recyclable waste, mostly items such as plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic packaging; glass bottles; straws, beverage cans; caps/lids, etc. plus a few bags of non-recyclable waste.

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