LitusGo Manual

The LitusGo Manual is part of the educational package that was developed in project ‘LitusGo! Training Mediterranean Local Authorities and Civil Organisations on Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Reaction to the Impacts of Climate Changes’. The Manual consists of 20 autonomous, self-contained and inter-related modules, available in four languages, Greek, English, Turkish and Maltese:

  1. European Legal Framework EN GR MT TR
  2. Stakeholder Involvement / Public Participation  EN GR MT TR
  3. Sustainable Tourism – Carrying Capacity EN GR MT TR
  4. Water Resources Management EN GR MT TR
  5. Fisheries / Fish Farming EN GR MT TR
  6. Coastal Water Quality EN GR MT TR
  7. Ecosystems Management (Land and Coastal Ecosystems) EN GR MT TR
  8. Waste Management / Recycling / Compost EN GR MT TR
  9. Air Pollution EN GR MT TR
  10. Land Uses / Urban Planning / Coastal Over-development EN GR MT TR
  11. Landscape and Marine-scape Management EN GR MT TR
  12. Coastal Erosion Control EN GR MT TR
  13. Community Annoyance 1: Noise Pollution EN GR MT TR
  14. Community Annoyance 2: Odour, Light, Thermal, Electromagnetic, Aesthetic and Air Pollution EN GR MT TR
  15. Archaeological Areas / Historic Sites / Cultural Heritage EN GR MT TR
  16. Flood Risks: Flood Risks and Coastal Flooding due to Storm Surge EN GR MT TR
  17. Droughts EN GR MT TR
  18. Desertification EN GR MT TR
  19. Energy Use, Consumption and Management EN GR MT TR
  20. Green Buildings EN GR MT TR


Hints and Tools on Teaching the LitusGo Manual EN GR TR


The Manuals are also available in a wiki application, accessible here.